Buried within A.O. Scott's review of Before Sunset, the sequel to Before Sunrise, is the not-that-spoilery but still tidbit "At one point, Celine claims not to remember whether or not they had sex, which is a little bit shocking (especially to Jesse)." Gothamist laughed, because as the character of Jesse has become incredibly associated with the actor who portrays him, Ethan Hawke, we wondered if this was a testament to Jesse/Hawke's beddability. And then when you think about him adulterizing while married to Uma Thurman, well, it seems like an opportunity for many meta laughs in the theater. Since Hawke, along with co-star Julie Delpy and director Richard Linklater, wrote the screenplay for the film, we must think that Hawke is a good sport. But that goatee has to go.

Gothamist is looking forward to seeing Before Sunset, as Before Sunrise has grown on us like a mole since 1995, because it's all about the choices you did and didn't make. Here's the Before Sunset site from Warner Independent Pictures. The Village Voice's Dennis Lim has a nice feature about the film (calling it "stunning"). And Gothamist Arts & Events wonders about what happened after another seminal Hawke film and Chicagoist calls it one of best romantic films ever. Even J. Hoberman liked Before Sunset.