If you have been to Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, you have seen the ranting grey-haired man pacing up and down the middle of the street. Usually positioned between North 5th and North 7th, sometimes later in the day he'll make it all the way down to the South Side, probably on his way home. Lawrence LaDouceur lives at the Glenwood Hostel, and prior to that he's led quite a life. One brave soul has now gone one-on-one with him, making him the subject of a short film; Russel Fong captures LaDouceur's thoughts as they pour from his head, and he even visits his current home. Maybe next time you see him you'll give him a chance and have your own one-on-one (it's a bit heart-wrenching when he tells Fong of their talk: "you don't know how good this is for me.")

We recommend watching the full 15 minutes, even though it's a bit sad—and until you've got that sort of time, one Williamsboard poster summarizes as such: "Dude's fought in Vietnam and is poisoned by the depression drugs they give out at the VA. He had a wife and kids in Butte, MT, but when he and the wife moved to Utah, they both discovered swinging and he's not sure if he's the father of his youngest. He moved to the state of Brooklyn after being evicted from his public storage locker in Manhattan. He's very lucid when he speaks, but he does rant about sex and morality. He may be the Jewish messiah—moshiach. He thinks one of his parents was Jewish." And we're pretty sure he tossed his hat in the mayoral race during minute 9, noting "we need to de-seat that Hebrew." Watch out Naked Cowboy.