Photo by Katie Sokoler/Gothamist

Did we go to the wrong tents? First our photographer spotted this pants-less wonder at Fashion Week... and now this lady, who has bedazzled her teeth. But listen, we get it, we saw The Devil Wears Prada once. In it, Miranda Priestly had a very convincing speech about how The Fashion People filter trends down to The Common People through a series of tubes, and eventually we end up buying some demented department store version of them. So we're on board. Here's how to recreate this look before it hits H&M:

1. Buy diamonds (preferably blood). Or cubic zirconia.
2. Smash them into little bits with a hammer.
3. Don't put the hammer down yet, you'll need it to pound the bits into your teeth, so they stay on while you're out being fabulous.
4. If hammering doesn't work see if your dentist can make your teeth softer, then try again.
5. If this still doesn't work, you probably weren't meant to be a trendsetter. God works in mysterious ways.
6. Give up, use leftover diamond/cubic zirconia shards to cut yourself.