0805bedtime.jpgJust in time for Sex and the City's big screen release: BED is back. The club was one of the many featured in the HBO series, and is housed, of course, in the Meatpacking District. Last year when a man died there, it was put under a dark spotlight and ended up shutting its doors.

Word is that the Meatpacking militia has gotten the rooftop reopened for the upcoming season (we're told, "As of now, it is just the roof top for the summer, with new plans for the coming months"), and the space formerly known as Bed Rooftop will likely be called Sky Garden. Hold your oohs and ahhs however, while Mr. Lewis (nightlife guru) flashes back to the dark days of last year:

The closing of Bed, precipitated by a nail in the coffin incident that has kept it shuttered, had a real negative effect on the whole 27th Street experience.

But maybe BED's rebirth will bring back the carefree vibes to the Meatpacking District "experience," which used to mean something. Miracles do happen, people, and just in the knick of time – the frilly-dressed set isn't having any luck in Williamsburg.

UPDATE:Rumors are that the building may be converted "into a major film production facility and hotel, replete with a super-private club" after the summer.

Photo of BED rooftop via lexifer's flickr.