The Park Slope Pavilion may have gotten rid of their infamous, stained, bed-bug infested purple seating, but some of their other seats have resurfaced in the tony neighborhood of Cobble Hill. A FIPS tipster sent along a photo from the Cobble Hill Cinemas, showing purple seats "emblazoned with 'The Pavilion' on them." The Cinemas confirmed they "have some seats from the Pavilion... We bought them second hand."

The seats are in Theater 4 and 5, and the rep told FIPS, "You are welcome to come by and check them out." We called Cobble Hill Cinemas and manager Janette Pagan confirms that "We do have seats from the Pavilion" but insists "they're not the purple seats everyone is talking about. The seats we have from the Pavilion are regular burgundy-red seats." Pagan also told us there had been no reports of bed bugs whatsoever at her theater. (Even better, there were still Dark Knight Rises midnight screening tickets left for Friday morning. Just bring your seat cover!)