Here we are: Two days after Donald Trump revealed (in 2005) his sexual assault secrets, less than 30 days until the presidential election and hours before the second debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton. While tonight's town hall-style meeting has the makings of a great showdown perfect for watching in a bar or movie theater with others, it's okay if you want to be alone because you're worried about Trump's trash-talking (see this Tweet) or you do your best shimmying at home—there are many ways to stream the debate.

The debate, which will held at Washington University in St. Louis, starts at 9 p.m. EST today and will be moderated by ABC News' Martha Raddatz and CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Bloomberg Politics is streaming the debate on Twitter.

NBC will be streaming the debate on YouTube.

PBS will be streaming on both YouTube and Facebook Live.

C-SPAN is livestreaming on YouTube.

ABC News will be on Facebook Live.

Telemundo will stream on Youtube and Facebook Live.

The Washington Post is offering a YouTube livestream.

Univision is also on YouTube.

The debate's on Roku, too!

CBS is streaming on CBSN, and NPR is streaming at

Via LAist, these are Twitter accounts to follow: "@PolitiFact for their instant fact-checks, @MerriamWebster for their gloriously snarky live definitions, and @SoSadToday for general (non-election related) existential ennui."

And before the last president debate, we suggested you watch Armageddon if you needed to escape the scary reality. Now:

If you want an alternative to the debate, because you'll just get the Hot Takes later, we highly recommend Ava DuVernay's excellent documentary, The 13th which is streaming on Netflix, which looks at mass incarceration and decades of systemic racism. The New Yorker's Richard Brody calls it "brilliantly analytical and morally passionate." Or, check out any of these fine streaming political documentaries.