Bushwick, you're getting so spoiled. First a mini golf course, and now Beauty Bar is opening in your 'hood. This weekend the shiny, new establishment will unlock its doors at 921 Broadway, many subway stops away from its East 14th Street location. They'll host two free parties for the grand opening, Friday and Saturday, which will include a ton of deejays, bands, and an open vodka bar each night from 9 to 10 p.m. (RSVP here). As for the space, it has 600 more square footage than the Manhattan one, a possible garden in its future, and fixtures from a Lancaster, Pennsylvania beauty salon that the owner purchased for $1,500. The L has some more photos, and Grub Street reports they'll also be serving up cheaper drinks ($3 to $5 beers, $5 to $7 mixed drinks), and “retro finger foods."

By the way, Bushwick, you also have your very own board game now—sadly it's more drinking game than Monopoly, sure would be fun to buy up all those vacant lots!