Are you ready to hear 16 hours of Beatles tunes live... on the ukulele? Well, you have over a month to get ready.

This December 5th and 6th, a two-day benefit for Yoko Ono will take place, featuring 185 Songs (the entire Beatles catalog), 60 Singers, 40 Musicians and 16 Yokos. This will all go down, where else, in Williamsburg (North 8th and Driggs), and the group says "a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Yoko Ono." Which is good, because we hear she's in desperate need a few hundred more bucks.

The organizers say: "This year's financial beneficiary is Yoko Ono. Last year's event generated literally hundreds of dollars and was donated to Warren Buffett, the second wealthiest man in the world. Buffett — a passionate ukulele player himself — forwarded the proceeds to Girls Inc. of Omaha to provide the girls club with ukuleles and lessons." So we're guessing Yoko will follow Buffett's lead and not pocket the cash.