In 2007 we interviewed Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz, who introduced us to Watch Parties. Since then we've been invited to our fair share of Watch Parties, and totally "get them," but 2007 was a different time... a more innocent time, a time when our inboxes had less invites in them. Anyway, if you haven't yet been enlightened about Watch Parties, here is how Horovitz described them to us, through an anecdote about someone we are still not familiar with:

Adam Horovitz: Willa Sands. I don’t know if she’s on anymore. It was a cable show and her main thing was gala events; she would go to gala events and film them for her cable show. You know, book signings, wine and cheese events, watch parties, you know, that kind of thing.
John Del Signore: Watch parties?
AH: You know; watch parties!
JDS: I don’t know what that is.
AH You know, where a new expensive watch is out and they have a party and Brendan Fraser goes.
JDS: Oh. I guess I haven’t been invited to one of those.
AH: I haven’t either but I’ve seen them in magazines.

This is all a mostly unnecessary, but totally entertaining, way of telling you that you can now procure a limited edition Beastie Boys watch for $75 (the same ones that were released in 2011 with Nixon), with all proceeds benefiting the newly dedicated Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn Heights. And because they're keeping it real, there's no Watch Party to accompany the announcement—just pick a color, make your payment, and sport the dopest watch in the five boroughs.


Additional donations can be made by filling out the Make a Donation section on the NYC Parks website. Mention that your donation is in honor of Adam Yauch. All proceeds will go to support projects in his namesake playground.