Forever Beastie Boy, toile wallpaper designer, and current Brooklynite Mike D is now building million dollar homes in his home borough. Today the NY Times reports on this latest development, in an article sprinkled equal parts with Beastie Boys lyrics and Brownstone Brooklynisms (playdates, scooters, yoga, etc).


On a road that started with fighting for your right to party, how did we get here? They note that Michael Diamond and his wife Tamra Davis teamed up with their architect friends Jill and John Bouratoglou to create a home on the corner of Boerum Place and Pacific Street in Cobble Hill. The townhouse, which includes a "flexible space, for editing films, recording albums or just painting and doing yoga," is now nearing completion and on the market for $4.98 million.

Perfect for a food fight

Reacting to criticisms about not remaining a partying twenty-something forever, he told the paper, “What, am I supposed to live in a frat house? It’s not like Jay Z’s still in the projects.” And as we've pointed out, Mike D has always been well-off—"It's no secret that [he] is the privileged son of well-to-do Upper West Side parents (his father a wealthy art dealer, his mother an interior designer). He attended private schools his whole life (first Walden on the UWS and then St. Ann's in Brooklyn), followed by a brief stint at Vassar. He was born rich and he's always been rich."

Are YOU also rich? Then maybe consider laying down $5M for this joint, and fighting for your right to host age-appropriate dinner parties.