Reader Meatstreets emails a photo of the Beasties performing (well, it's Mike D and MCA) for tonight's Letterman.


Tuesday is the big album release day, and the Beastie Boys are celebrating their new album, To the Five Boroughs, with a live performance at 53rd and Broadway this afternoon. The performance will air on the Late Show with David Letterman, but since the show is taped, BeastieBoys.com suggests getting there around 5PM to "Check It Out." [Via reader Dave, who's been keeping Gothamist on its toes - thanks!]

It seems that the Beastie Boys might be planning to perform in all five boroughs today. David Bowie did that in 2002, but not all in one day. Coolfer on To the Five Bouroughs' political stance.

And June 15th is a big day - not only is it the birthday of Mario Cuomo, Leah Remini, Courteney Cox, Ice Cube, Neil Patrick Harris and others, it's also the day the second season of Curb Your Enthusiasm comes out!