2006_04_tcmi3.jpgStraphangers (and transit police), if you see a maniacally grinning man on the subway, surrounded by an entourage of keepers, or if the man starting jumping on the seats, do not be (that) afraid - it's just Tom Cruise! As part of the big scheme to make sure that all people can think about is Tom Cruise 24/7, Mission: Imossible III will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in grand fashion. Here's part of the press release:

Cruise's mission - "should he choose to accept it" - will begin at 3:30pm at MTV's "TRL" studios in Times Square. Traveling by motorcycle, speedboat, taxicab, helicopter, sports car, and subway, Cruise will crisscross the island, making his way to premieres in Tribeca and Harlem before heading to the U.S. premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre (141 West 54th St.), hosted in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival.

Okay, that is pretty cool to take various forms of transportation, though it'll mean insane gridlock on May 3, but what about pedicab and hansom cab? We wonder if the Paramount flacks will cheap out and have Tom take the S train right before rush hour. Anyway, Gothamist hopes that Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is playing the evil lead in the movie, will be a part of the festivities, though seeing him on a subway is probably less cognitively dissonant than seeing 50% of TomKat.

And the world premiere of M:i:III will be in Shanghai in less than two weeks.