A New Year’s Eve party is the perfect opportunity to proudly demonstrate your willful ignorance and utter lack of grace - or you can be looked upon as a person of deep intellect, knowledgeable about the world, and one of our generation's greatest conversationalist. It's amazing how a little news reading can make you the most interesting person at the party.

Staying informed is important, obviously, but it can be a little overwhelming; finding time for your favorite publications, sorting through stuff you don't want to read, forgetting about stories that piqued your interest. We’re all busy people and it’s simply too hard to sort out what news is essential. There are a few services out there that try to solve some of these problems, but an app called Wildcard is doing it all.

As one of Apple’s Top 20 Best Apps of 2015, Wildcard delivers a human-curated snapshot of the day's most talked about stories. Pulling from sources across the entire internet; from newspapers and blogs to Youtube and Twitter, they hope to help you understand the news that’s happening now.


What really sets Wildcard apart is that their editorial team doesn’t write—instead, they curate. They curate story collections, each presented with multiple takes from multiple sources, to give readers an instant sense of perspective and context. They make it simple to get the full story behind today’s breaking news.

Wildcard's name is derived from its format: easy-to-read cards designed to make headlines glanceable, while a quick tap lets you dive deeper into any story. The app was built entirely with phones in mind, so the user experience is just what you need for a slick, no-fuss picture of current events.

Another feather in Wildcard's app keeps you even more informed: You can choose to ”follow" stories and receive push notifications whenever there's new information available. No more falling out of the loop when you're too busy to stay on top things.

You may not always be the smartest person in the room, but at least you'll certainly have plenty to talk about! Install Wildcard now and see why Apple named it one of the best apps in 2015. Your fellow party guests will thank you.

Search for “Wildcard” in the App Store or click to install Wildcard now for iOS.

This post is brought to you by Wildcard.