Need a last minute costume idea and in a New York state of mind? Here are a few NYC-themed ideas for your Halloween fête...

R.I.P.ped from the Headlines

Thor Equities
Need: Winged Thor helmet and hammer, brochures or maps (which can be printed out) of Coney Island -- and something to destroy them with.

• The Staten Island Ninja Burglar
Need: Ninja outfit, complete with nunchucks. Fake stab wound to the chest. Map of Staten Island.

Preppy Killer, Drug Dealer
Need: Preppy clothes, stubble and faux-coke around nose (we suggest baby powder or white-out).

The Splasher
Need: Can of paint, clear rimmed glasses, printout of Splasher manifesto.

• President Clinton or President Giuliani
Need: Women's pant suit, or men's suit. Boom box playing campaign song. Plane ticket to D.C. and a bag of promises.

On-Screen Characters

Carrie Bradshaw
Need: Carrie necklace, engagement ring and the craziest Patricia Field-esque outfit you can find.

• Edie Sedgwick, Factory Girl
Need: American Apparel suggests how to spend your costume cash in their store, and for just $48 you can be Edie. They also have an Andy Warhol option. Bonus: You can wear these pieces in your day-to-day.

Classic New York Movie Moments

• Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch
Need: Again, American Apparel has a dress for the occasion. Portable fan.

• Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's
Need: Classic black dress, coffee, croissant, large black sunglasses

New York Personalities

Naked Cowboy
Need: white underwear, cowboy hat, guitar

Reverend Billy
Need: blonde wig or blonde hair with hairspray, white suit, priest collar, megaphone

Other ideas: An Annie Hall moment, Inappropriate American Apparel billboard ad, a Sony Bravia bunny, a New York album cover. Got any more?