Barbara is waiting...

Now tourists from everywhere can experience "lamestream media" up close and personal! Madame Tussauds has added a new amusement to their house of wax, which allows visitors to record their own newscasts alongside wax Anderson Cooper, wax Barbara Walters, was Oprah, and more! Is there a wax Pat Kiernan? If not, get on that Madame Tussauds.

The experience was co-created with B&H, and is essentially a working television studio, with a camera, teleprompter, and news desk set against a New York City skyline; the Madame herself describes it as "a fully immersive and interactive experience, offering guests the opportunity to step inside the shoes of a news anchor to record their own newscasts."

Guests who participate will receive a link to download their video, so it can later be uploaded to YouTube, or wherever the kids are uploading things to these days.