Tonight, the second episode of ABC Family's new show Bunheads will air, and if you didn't see the first one you can check out a clip below (or watch the full episode on Hulu). It's basically Gilmore Girls but with a ballet twist—in fact, the show's creator is Amy Sherman-Palladino, and Kelly Bishop (aka Emily Gilmore) is one of the leads. The series is based around a troupe of young ballet students in small town Oregon—and since it's shaping up to be a hit, you know that women and men everywhere will be seeking out where to channel their inner-bunhead. With that, we present a few places in New York City where you won't feel intimidated learning the ropes barres.

BALLET BEAUTIFUL offers "targeted exercises and stretches to sculpt and tone sleek ballet muscles—from any location! Enjoy instant global access via live, online classes and streaming Blast videos," created by Mary Helen Bowers. Bowers, a trained ballerina and the person responsible for getting Natalie Portman into shape for Black Swan, also offers private lessons in her SoHo studio.

ALVIN AILEY (405 West 55th Street at 9th Avenue) offers beginner to advanced ballet classes (with a killer view), as well as full weekend workshops (which cost around $300). They have a nice Yelp rating, too.

M DANCE AND FITNESS (multiple locations in Manhattan) promises to get you "ballet buff" with their classes, which start at "low intensity" and promise "a low-impact class that uses ballet-based exercises to help tone and lengthen the leg and arm muscles, strengthen the core, lift and tighten the rear" while helping to improve flexibility, balance and strength.

THE ART OF FITNESS (Astoria, Queens) delivers a "cardio ballet blast" class, with prices ranging from $10 (one class) to $100 (one month unlimited classes). One Yelpster says, "At Cardio Ballet [the instructor] never made me feel like a novice and even rearranged the room so the class was evenly distributed experience-wise."

BROOKLYN BALLET (160 Schermerhorn Street) offers an Adult Ballet class that "allows students to gain flexibility, strength and endurance through ballet classes designed to accommodate a wide range of ages and physical abilities." These cost $15 per class, or register for 16 classes for $150 or 8 classes for $100.