2006_05_arts_swedish_chef.jpgTonight, after a day of rooftops and BBQ...head over to UCB Theater for some indoor BBQ. Sure, it sounds dangerous (that's a pretty confined space!) but that'll make it even that much more fun. And funny.

Aziz Ansari's Crash Test show will host the BBQ Battle. He and Paul Scheer (as well as three audience members) will be judging 3 chefs as they bring it to the UCB stage. Don't you worry your little chef hat off, there's still time for you to become a contestant.

Contestants are required to cook:

1) Appetizer (which can be prepared beforehand)
2) Main course (cooked on stage using theatre friendly cookware - think Foreman grill or similar indoor cooking gear)
3) Dessert (anything goes)
Competitors must bring their cookware.

Think you can hack it? Email Aziz RIGHT NOW (aziz (at) azizisbored.com), then watch some reruns of The Iron Chef to get prepared.

If you don't cook, drop by and check out the culinary comedy, as well as the other comedians joining in on the fun: Eugene Mirman, Nick Kroll and Jerry Minor.

Tonight // 11pm // UCB Theater [307 W 26th St] // Free