BBQ Films has already staged immersive film viewing experiences with Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice, Blade and Back To The Future parties (to name just a few). But those were all warmups for the most important film/BBQ hybrid experience in cinematic history.

You better hide your baby oil and breakout the Corona, because a Fast and the Furious BBQ Film experience is coming to Brooklyn.

As everyone who is a Fast & Furious loyalist/obsessive already knows, barbecuing is VERY important tradition for Dominic Toretto and the Happy Time Vroom Vroom Gang, making this event incredibly appropriate. BBQ Films sent out an email to loyal fans today announcing the event later this month in Williamsburg:

On Friday, July 29th, VILLAIN will become Toretto's Garage for one night only, and yes, ticket price includes dinner (we'll skip the tuna). The Toretto Family Cookout will feature all the transportive theatrical sets and performances that BBQ Films guests have come to expect, as well as 10-second cars and 2001's gearhead classic, The Fast and The Furious.

For $45, you get to, "share a meal with the Toretto Family, catered by a fan favorite; learn how to replace those piston rings you fried last week; grab a seat to the screening of 2001's The Fast & The Furious; snag a limited edition garage-ready poster; and experience all the transportive theatrical sets and performances that BBQ Films guests have come to expect." For $85, you get all that plus "reserved seats right in front, four furious drinks, and an exclusive gift." Perhaps it will be the gift of saying grace before the bountiful meal?

Tickets are on sale now for members of the BBQ Films mailing list; they will be on sale for the general public next week. Check back here for more updates and ticket information. Until then, as the French say, "Fallait que t'aille à l'église sinon pas de barbecue."