Chris Rush Cohen

keeps us informed about Battery Park events. First, there's Victor Matthews' installation, Beyond Metamorphosis, which has 3,000 umbrellas handpainted with butterflies, which represents the Monarch butterflies' 3,000 migration to Mexico. The installation will be there through this Sunday, June 20. Gothamist remembers when we grew Monarch butterflies in the third grade, setting them free, with only half of them actually flying away (the others were sickly, traumatizing many 8 year olds). You can order your own Monarch butterflies to grow here.

Then CRC covers a police bust of men selling counterfeit purses in Battery Park. Gothamist sees at least ten counterfeit stands as we make our way through Midtown each day, but never have we seen a police bust. What are the chances that the one counterfeit stand in Battery Park is busted?

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