phps0KDltPM.jpgA real life Batmobile from Batman Returns is heading to the auction block soon...located at the 38th annual Kruse International auction in Indiana, of all places. The car, which is a much sleeker/less rugged design than the one in the recent Christopher Nolan films, will go to the highest bidder over Labor Day weekend, Wired reports. "The prop vehicle from Tim Burton's 1992 Batman movie is helping generate heat for this year's sale. Similar, but less valuable, Batmobiles have drawn as much as $550,000, according to the auction house." Kruse notes that this "the Warner Bros. & DC Comics sales approval agreement clearly authenticates that this is the number 3 Movie Batmobile," of the 5 that have been on the big screen...but maybe you should hold out for one of the latter ones.