BATBOYREDUX.jpgWhile the Weekly World News often claimed to report only the truth... if they did we'd probably all be dead or bathing in the Fountain of Youth by now. The print newspaper's often comedic tales were so Tall, so unbelievable, so absurd that no one could have possibly believed them. On numerous occasions, their stories took place in New York City, where they even had one of their most famous characters living for a while.

In 2006 Bat Boy was reportedly living in the subway system's tunnels, and at one point was spotted riding on the roof of the F train near Coney Island. It's all on that above video guys.

A couple of years ago the Bowery Boys revisited some of WWN's other NYC-based stories, including the time space portals discovered in Tribeca, and that time an "undulating amoeba with the head of a duck and webbed feet [pictured!] rose from the ocean and attacked people along the boardwalk." It reportedly destroyed the Cyclone and the Parachute Jump.


And of course, the sewer gators... which are REAL.


Oh and that aforementioned Fountain of Youth? That was held by a New York City steel worker.