Carson Daly; Photo - MTVWas it wrong for Gothamist to hope, when hearing that there was an MTV Bash for Carson Daly, the act of Carson being bashed on the head with something heavy would involved somehow? But, damn it, he was on the Today show this morning, discussing his roast. It actually looked some funny, as Jennifer Love Hewitt apparently has a moment and if there's anything Gothamist admires, it's when someone dumps the other person via press release or on someone's talk show, the way JLH did on Howard Stern. (Although when Matt Damon dumped Minnie Driver on Oprah, he just seemed a cad; when JLH dumped Carson, it seemed like purposeful, positive shedding of dead weight.)

Gothamist checked out some of the roasts and toasts MTV viewers left for him. Our favorite is by Laura from NY: "Okay, Carson looks like the gopher in the peanut commerical. Yeah, the one in the golf course that makes the design in the ground of the peanut guy. They have an uncanny resemblance in the eye department." The roasts ran more along the lines of this one by Erika in AZ: "Here in Arizona, we cannot get enough of Carson Daly!" Oy.