Early this morning Barneys New York unveiled its 2008 Holiday Windows, which are being called: "Peace & Love: Have a Hippie Holiday". The theme was chosen in honor of the peace sign's 50th anniversary, and style guru/creative director Simon Doonan is the man behind the 60's holiday vibe (which incidentally leaves out any political references).

Doonan pointed out this morning that "girls these days are so materialistic, but hippies back then didn't have handbags" (that said, shop at Barneys!) and pondered a modern day Janis Joplin having to get a spray tan in order to be noticed by label bigwigs (one window is centered around Joplin and Carly Simon).

Volkswagen also joined in on the Barneys fun, and the two "commissioned New York artist John-Paul Philippe to custom paint a one-of-a-kind New Beetle inspired by the decade and its indelible iconography." Doonan notes that “While the counterculture of the late ’60s produced a host of cultural icons, none captured the vibe more poignantly than the Volkswagen Beetle." After its run in the window, tickets to win the vehicle will be available to holiday shoppers in-store and online, with a suggested price of $100.00 and proceeds will benefit the Carbon Fund. Stay tuned for more holiday window reveals!