In what must be the umpteenth story about Barneys being sold in the past ten years (in 1997, during an internship with CNBC, Gothamist covered a press conference where Hong Kong tycoon - and owner of Harvey Nichols, a Barneys-like shop in London - Dickson Poon announced a deal to buy Barneys; in 1999, NY magazine looked at whether Allen Questrom could turn Barneys around) , the NY Times reports that the Jones Apparel Company is close to a deal for Barneys New York, the beloved chic department store, whose flagship store is on Madison Avenue. Fine, Jones Apparel is lower-end, other bidders, lots of failed deals, blah blah blah...what Gothamist wants to know about is "How will this affect the warehouse sale?"

Barneys has spun off its mid-priced casual section, Co-op, to locations on West 18th Street, Wooster, and most recently, on the Upper West Side on Broadway and 75th Street. It's yet another place where you can buy a knit cap for $150.