2005_11_arts_barbie.jpg Sometimes it’s hard not to think that really, it’s Barbie’s world, we just live in it. For the next two weekends, we can at least amp up the experience: starting today at the always-awesome Ohio Theatre is the Barbie Project, a multimedia, multigenre workshop by White Bird Productions that takes a good long look at the fantastic plastic doll’s role in shaping our world. Funnyman Paul Boocock (a Gothamist interviewee fresh off his one-man show Boocock’s House of Baseball), actress/singer Lorrie Harrison, and RedWall Dance Theatre, among others, are collaborating on this “adult look at growing up with Barbie.” We expect there will be plenty of commentary in a vein that Mattel probably wouldn’t be too thrilled about; various “mystery guests” are promised, including one who is to relate the story of Ken and Barbie teaching her about sex in her station wagon. Gothamist’s most vivid Barbie memory is of the Christmas when the Santa story started to unravel because our parents couldn’t satisfactorily explain how the Barbie mansion came down the chimney, but we’re still looking forward to White Bird artistic director Kathryn Dickinson’s segment on how to accessorize your own Barbie home. Of course, it could be that we’re just desperate for new ideas on decorating our doll-sized apartment, but that’s another story.

The Barbie Project runs Nov. 10-12 and Nov. 18-19 at 8pm. The Ohio Theatre is at 66 Wooster St.; tickets can be bought at Theatermania.