2006_11_arts_lolitart.jpgLast night we headed to one of our favorite local bars, Lolita, for a Sunday night, post-CMJ, drink. The bar rotates artwork every month or so and right now it's all New York themed pieces. The Greek coffee cup, the parking ticket, the Metrocard, the subway sign...you get the idea. For some reason, they are all painted on canvas that is meant to resemble a refrigerator door. Example at right.

This sort of makes Lolita one step closer to looking like a TGI Friday's, but at least the art will change soon enough.

On that note: We need a fine arts contributer to cover the museum, gallery, and of course bar art, beat. Could it be you? Send a little email about what you can offer as a fine arts contributer to: jencarlson (a) gothamist dot com.