All those Banksy billboards that popped up around Manhattan proved to mean something after all - they were to promote Banksy's show/installation in Greenwich Village, which opened today.

"The Village Pet Store and Grill" has pet-like displays along with items that might make one hungry. Hot dogs and salami as gerbils, a hairless Tweety bird, fish sticks in a fish tank, chicken products in a coop, a grooming rabbit, a fur coat doubling as a cat, and best of all, a chimp watching chimp porn. (It's all animatronics.)

While we were there, those entering the store actually seemed to expect a pet store. And while The Village Pet Store does have treats for your cat and dog, they don't seem to be for sale. Additionally, there are undercover security guards hanging out around it and no more murals (beyond the four already posted) are planned. Banksy has been in NYC, but it's unclear if he's still in town.

Lest the hours on the store's business cards fool you, it's actually open from 10am - midnight (not the printed time of 12pm) through October 31st at 89 7th Ave. South (btwn Jekyll and Hyde and Sushi Samba). There's talk the show may be recreated somewhere else after the run.