(via Banksy)

So what will happen to the Banksy pieces that remain in the city, since we can't just enjoy them? While the balloons that went up for the street artist's grand finale remain in police custody, gallery owner Stephan Keszler has purchased the other balloon: the one painted on a wall in Red Hook.

According to the NY Times, the gallery owner—who has purchased and resold Banksy's work before—said he "was contacted by half a dozen building owners who inadvertently ended up with Banksy originals on their properties [and] reached an agreement to buy the heart-shaped balloon dotted with bandages in Red Hook." The section the piece is on (which was heavily guarded) has now be taken out of the wall, and will be put on sale at Art Miami next month. Even though Omar got to it with his spray paint first, he still expects it to sell for up to $400,000.

As for the real balloons being held by the NYPD, they could be worth about as much, but unless someone claims them it's unclear what will happen to them. Keszler believes the building owner has the rights to them, so it wouldn't be surprising if they ended up on the auction block.

There are still a few Banksys up around town that you can see, and five are protected by plexiglass and gates.