Last week the Webby Awards declared Banksy to be "Person of the Year," a Thing that, unsurprisingly, wasn't enough to get the elusive street artist out in the spotlight. Instead, host Patton Oswalt accepted the Thing for him, joking as he looked down at the prepared speech: “Somebody painted over it.”

Banksy did reply, however, with this little video narrated by his voice butler, or whoever that guy is who narrates his stuff. Below he summarizes his NYC residency last October—which he calls "a city wide full contact game of hide and seek"—from his own self-effacing perspective. The video also reveals Vandal Squad officer Verez's digits (he left his calling card at many spots Banksy hit up), as well as the artist's ALLEGED age (38).

Meanwhile, the NY Times did some digging to find out what happened with Banksy's pieces from another one of his visits to NYC. Nine years ago the artist (illegally) hung some of his work on museum walls here—and it seems most of the museums (MoMA and the Brooklyn Museum) have hung on to them, since he never retrieved them. Might be time to bring those out of storage and host a mini pop-up exhibit, museums.