Hey, people—we are still working on our CSI: Banksy dog-peeing-on-hydrant deep-dive—but in the meantime, it seems that the most accurate (if anything that Banksy does is real) source of information is his website and his Instagram account. Sorry, LA Times and the 10,000+ people following the fake account!

Someone in the know has emphasized that Banksy's social media is limited to Instagram—@banksyny, for the NYC residency. Which makes sense, since his website, banksy.co.uk, has always focused on images, usually to take credit for work on the streets or on TV. The fake Banksy Twitter just has a few Tweets, with sayings like, "New York - you're just my type" and no pictures.

Updated: There's a @banksy_co_uk Instagram account that appeared authentic, but our tipster says the only "official" Instragram is @banksyny. Oddly, the @banksy_co_uk account took credit for the dog-peeing-on-hydrant stencil 7 hours before the official one did.