Photo by Nic Garcia/Gothamist

Last night the Grim Reaper returned to the Houston and Elizabeth Street lot and performed for the crowd from dusk until just after 11 p.m.. The Banksy installation will return again tonight for one last time (it's unclear if it will close a little early again), and it wouldn't be surprising if spectators got a little something extra—last night the Garden Truck rolled up on the Reaper. For life and death are one!

The arrival of the truck last night came with the arrival of more Banksy team members, most notably Big Red was spotted... wearing a blonde wig! Disguise or Halloween costume?

Photos by Nic Garcia/Gothamist

The Blue Oyster Cult-soundtracked installation will be turned back on tonight for one final round, and it's almost guaranteed that's where you'll find the Garden Truck as well. This wasn't the first time two of the street artist's installations met this month—in the past week the Ronald McDonald statue has been receiving visits from the Sirens of the Lambs truck, creating a Banksy Double Rainbow for those who spot them.

UPDATE: It's a Banksy Triple Play tonight at the corner of Houston and Elzabeth—the Sirens of the Lambs, the Garden Truck, and the Reaper are all there. Maybe Ronald will show up and take a spin on the bumper car?