The Banksy re-working of a landscape, initially found at Housing Works and then returned to Housing Works with a Nazi painted on it, now has an official value. Last night, it was auctioned off for

The painting was sold two months ago for $50 and then it was dropped off at Housing Works' 23rd Street location on Tuesday by an "anonymous donor." It was placed in the window of the store and soon attracted a crowd. Housing Works, a homelessness and AIDS advocacy group, put the painting for auction, knowing that Banksy's work attracts big spenders.

The winning bidder is someone named "gorpetri." If you look at the bidding history, gorpetri's bids started yesterday at 7:43 p.m. with an offer of $350,200.00. Notably, someone named "abdallah" raised the bidding to $450,000 after gorpetri bid $352,200 and someone named "rickspud" raised bidding to $614,400.00 after gorpetri had a $550,200.00 bid. Of course, the big question is whether gorpetri will pay.

Housing Works previously said the painting would be on display for two weeks. We're checking with them to confirm this remains so.

Update: Housing Works is now removing the painting to prepare it for delivery. Rebecca Edmondson, director of public relations said, "This marks the highest revenue in history for any one item sold by Housing Works in any of its 12 thrifts shops or online." The proceeds will go towards the organizations' services for the homeless and those with AIDS, including housing, medical care, case management, legal services and counseling.

Further, David Raper Housing Works SVP for Retail Businesses, added, "Housing Works cannot express how fortunate we feel to have been a part of the Banksy residency in New York. The generous donation of his artwork will allow us to do so much good for our clients dealing with the dual crisis of homelessness and AIDS that still plagues our city streets." Banksy's banality has triumphed!