We told you last week that 3rd Ward, Chashama, Artists Wanted, and The Danger crowd were opening The Palms in Long Island City, a temporary outdoor nightclub with DJs, dumpster pools, food trucks, and lounge chairs. What we didn't tell you (because we didn't know) is that the venue has risen out of the ashes of a shuttered Bank of America branch. Outside in the parking lot is where you can go swimming, dance, and play ping pong—inside, bartenders serve drinks from where tellers once issued withdrawals. A toast: To the bailout!

Also in the lobby: an array of high end water guns in a glass case, nice beach towels for sale ($10), and an open vault where you can browse designer sunglasses arranged on the safety deposit boxes. (There are also detailed instructions on what to do if you're locked in the vault.) At Friday night's opening party, lifeguards diligently supervised the action in the three pools, which were essentially aquatic make out tubs. Showers next to the pools let swimmers rinse off before and after dumpster diving, and there are changing tents as well.

With its prime location by PS 1, this place is going to be a popular second stop after Warm Up, but we highly recommend stopping by for a dip on any night it's open: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through Labor Day. The Palms is one of those sorta magical temporary autonomous zones that briefly materialize in NYC when the circumstances are right.