Actor, director, and philanthropist Robert de Niro has never been much of a soccer fan (his words!), but like seemingly all Americans today, De Niro didn't want to miss the hotly anticipated US/Germany World Cup match. So he did what any self-respecting celeb would do: he pulled a Bill Murray and crashed a house party in Brooklyn.

According to Business Insider, De Niro was in Cobble Hill filming The Intern today when he decided he wanted a break to be able to watch the game. His reps apparently sent this email out to people in a building where they were filming: "Our lead actor, Robert DeNiro, would very much like to watch the World Cup game, today at 12p," the email said. "Would it be possible to place a small portable satellite on the building rooftop ASAP and run a cable to the street to help facilitate this request?"

De Niro was subsequently invited to a nearby house where people were watching the game. "We got another email from a neighbor saying he talked to the crew and apparently he found a house of people watching it and joined them," a neighbor told BI.

While De Niro might not be much of a soccer aficionado, he has inspired Portugal player Raul Meireles' style: Meireles has been sporting a thick beard and Mohawk haircut which the Daily Mail thinks was directly taken from De Niro's look at the end of Taxi Driver.