2006_02_trashbar.jpgOver the past year we've heard of way too many incidents of equipment being stolen from bands. We just received an email from a reader asking about a possible theft (from this weekend?):

Have you ever heard of a club called Trash in Brooklyn? I heard a story that a band got all their equipment stolen from their U Haul after doing a gig there.

We wouldn't doubt it. So far over the past year The Decemberists, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Mountains gear has all been stolen. Apparently the latter bands stuff is currently being sold on Bedford in Williamsburg.

The Raveonettes had their gear AND their van stolen late last year, and Burnside Project (who is playing our show on Wednesday) has had their stuff stolen twice in 6 months. We just thought of a good idea for a band van security service.

Has your band fallen victim to the harsh streets of Brooklyn and it's troupe of equipment stealing thieves?

UPDATE: This just in...

I'm Nicole from the band Baker. I believe that reader was talking about us. We played Trash Bar on Saturday night and parked the van and UHaul on Metro (I think, anyway it was like right around the block), had a few beers, and we realized everything was gone after the trailer popped open on the way to our lodgings (we're from Boston). Let us know if you hear anything.

For the most part, as much as I know, we lost:
white Fender Jazzmaster and a Fender amp
red drumkit (I dunno the brand)
Yamaha sunburst electric guitar, and another amp I'm not sure about
Juno 106 keyboard
Fender Telecaster
PA system
bass amp head
Concertmate keyboard
and a shitload of every other thing you need to play shows with. We, as a band, are completely wiped out for the time being.