With Park Slope, Williamsburg, and our public transportation system ostensibly burning to the ground, you'd think this city would scare off any young couples looking to raise families. But at least one brave Bald Eagle family heeded Jen Chung's words and built a nest on Staten Island—the city's first eagle nest in about a century.

Audubon reports that though bald eagles have been feasting on hawks around these parts for a while, only 173 eagle parents bother trying to build nests in New York State, thanks to nationwide population depletion at the hands of DDT. Apparently, bald eagles like to come here in the winter, presumably drawn to our slush puddles and crumbling infrastructure, but it's still incredibly rare to find a breeding pair in our midst.

But according to the website, these two aforementioned parents-to-be in were spotted "practicing nest-making" **nudge-wink** on an unused dock on a small island right by Staten Island, right where all the young hipster families will reportedly be moving in droves, if Gary Shteyngart is to be believed.