via Green-Wood Cemetery

We've seen bald eagles around the city before, and two even moved into the the Bronx Zoo earlier this year, and now one of Stephen Colbert's favorite birds has showed up in Brooklyn.

Green-Wood Cemetery got a visit from the guy/gal last week. On their website they note that tour guide Marge Raymond spotted it last Wednesday while walking her group out into Cedar Dell. When she spotted the bird she thought it was a hawk, but a visitor noted: “That looks like a mighty big bird.” A pair of binoculars confirmed it was an adult bald eagle, which Raymond has never seen inhabit the area before, adding, “We have had fly overs but never an eagle actually present inside. When the eagle flew away its wing span was tremendous. It made my day and it broke a record for Green-Wood Cemetery. It actually broke a state record as eagles have not been spotted in Brooklyn before.” That seems a little contradictory, since there have been flyovers, but presumably she means that no eagle has been spotted residing in the borough before. The cemetery is hoping it takes up residence there.