The Village Voice looked at the popular handbags seen in the city. To date: There seems to be a decline of Louis Vuitton, while Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs own big-buckled bags have tremendous staying power (they telegraph "I went to college, but I'm still kind of arty"). On the other hand, Coach logo bags mean "I went to college too, and I have a really good job!" and a canvas bag from the Strand or Channel Thirteen means, "We want a recount! Ohio was stolen!" So true. Gothamist thought about some other bags we seen around:
- Neon backpack: "I'm a German tourist. Where is TKTS?"
- Fanny pack: "I'm from Oklahoma - where's Ground Zero?"
- Kate Spade, black tote: "I have an eye for style from 9 years ago AND I know how to shop in Chinatown."
- Jack Spade bag: "My girlfriend got this for me."
- Manhattan Portage with company logo: "Holiday gift from the vendor."

Gothamist, being a dork, is just looking for a cool laptop bag, like some of the stuff at Flight 001. Look for some of the hot bags for less on BlueFly and eBay. And what bags do you like?