Ben Affleck called up Howard Stern yesterday, to proclaim his love for Jennifer Lopez. Why? Stern laid down the gauntlet to get celebrities he's been ridiculing to give 5 minute interviews, and in turn, his radio station, KROCK will donate $10,000 of the charity of their choice. According to the Daily News, B.Aff said he still wanted to marry J.Lo and said that she was an "extraordinary" lover. Plus he "deflected questions about his hair ('Do you wear, like, a hair implant or anything?' 'Yeah, I've got a - it's a knit') and J.Lo's famous booty ('Is there cellulite on that?' 'Nothing. Zero. She's tight. She's a dancer')." Then he revealed he had been in a threesome (not with J.Lo, though) that ruined a relationship. Ha! Even if we think their relationship is 9 parts chutzpah, 2 parts love, 20 parts self interest, B.Aff's call was for a good cause.

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