Fast, scary, and hungry: Wild boars are taking to the streets of Berlin! Their favorite food, the acorn, is plentiful at the Grunewald park and in other forested areas in the capital, according to the Times. Additionally, the article says that "the fall of the Berlin Wall 14 years ago eliminated the main physical barrier between Berlin and the surrounding countryside, so many wild boars migrated into the city." That's awesome, not only did the wall's fall bring together a country, it brought together various species of animals!

Other animals running around in the Berlin: Foxes, raccoons, marmots, and wolves. But the proliferation of 300-pound boars is of most concern now. Of course the Germans want it both ways: As soon as hunters started killing the boars, many protested, asking if the boars really had to be killed - perhaps birth control could be put into acorns to manage the population. But then there won't be any cute pictures of a mama boar with the baby boars crossing the street.