The SpecialistAs the natural, expected follow-up to yesterday's post about Best Movie Sex Scenes, Gothamist looks bad movie sex scenes. Using The Guardian's list based on reader opinion as a starting point, of course Gothamist agrees that the love scene between Neo and Trinity in The Matrix: Reloaded is ridiculous, but the very worst scene ever? Come on, at least these two leads are sexy and appealing, even if the context and Zion is stupid. Number 2, Showgirls - that's too easy and at least it's funny. Gothamist would offer that number 4 choice The Specialist, starring Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone, takes the cake. They were so sculpted and oiled up in an overchoreographed shower sex scene that we thought we were watching statues flex. Not hot at all. Other films mentioned, like Color of Night and Disclosure (pretty much anything with Michael Douglas post-Romancing the Stone) are definitely up there.

We offer The Bridges of Madison County, an intimate and well-crafted film, as one of the worst movie sex scenes in recent memory, because, frankly, it was like watching our parents or our friends' parents have middle-aged awakening sex and it creeped us out. Yes, we're ageist, yes, we're immature, but if we want middle-aged sex, we'll see Under the Sand with Charlotte Rampling. And Gothamist knows that deep down inside, you're afraid you're going to come across that scene where Meryl Streep talks about Clint Eastwood having showered in that tub... okay, we're stopping.