The folks over at Bad Lip Reading are very good at producing quality Internet content, whether they are turning presidential debates into pop songs, turning the NFL into an orange peanut joke, or transforming Game Of Thrones into "Medieval Land Fun-Time World." And now they've applied their magic to the original Star Wars trilogy, releasing bad lip readings of all three films TODAY, with a little help from Jack Black (as Darth Vader), Maya Rudolph (as Leia), and Bill Hader (as Jabba The Hut and...maybe C3PO? You tell us).

It took until the very end of the first video to get our first song (Obi-Wan's folk tune about how Anakin Skywalker died), but no such worries with Empire—Luke starts things off with the bass turned way up. And don't miss out on Yoda delivering his famous line, "Don't fall asleep."

Jabba the Hut comes across much more friendly in this version:

[h/t Laughing Squid]