2006_09_boa.jpgWell, a Brooklyn man only threatened to throw his 6 foot boa constrictor out the window, but still, it's a bad idea. And it's also illegal to keep a boa as a pet, according to the city's animal law. But an emotionally disturbed man in Brooklyn was running around with the boa - and he had "embedded" a pair of scissors into the snake's jaw, according to the Post. And he was "ranting about all the guinea pigs he had bought for the snake to eat." Well, at least he was taking care of the snake. The man was eventually calmed down and taken to a hospital for observation, and Animal Care and Control took the snake. The snake, which looks pretty hefty in this Daily News picture, will be sent to an animal sanctuary. AC&C's Richard Gentiles says that about 100 snakes are taken in by the city each year.

The snake owner lives at the Gibb Mansion, a housing facility for low income Brooklyn residents with HIV. The Pratt Area Community Council was given an award by the state last year for its efforts to renovate the Gates Avenue building in Bed-Stuy.