Here's a shudder-inducing new partnership destined to (further) destroy the music industry: Ticketmaster has announced a partnership with Walmart to sell tickets at some of its stores, including ones right here in New York—the AV/Club believes the deal may have formed in the bowels of Hell.

Kiosks are being built into 45 stores in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, where shoppers will be able to purchase—with the helping hand of a Walmart employee—tickets to concerts and sporting events.

"By integrating ticketing into Walmart stores, we are able to offer fans this very convenient way to learn about upcoming events, purchase and take home tickets without leaving their neighborhood," said Nathan Hubbard, CEO of Ticketmaster in a statement. But will the money you save shopping at the discount superstore that child labor built be enough to balance out those hefty Ticketmaster fees? Only time will tell.