BridgetThis is the worse first date Gothamist has heard about in a while: The Post's Bridget Harrison, while trying to have one new date a week until Christmas, goes out with a guy ("cute, 37 years old, with a Brad Pitt look") she met through a friend. An hour into conversation, he tells her, "I broke up with my girlfriend a month ago, she's pregnant and doesn't know whether to keep the baby." Oh, and it is his. Bridget Harrison's reaction sounds about right for most someone trying to rise above it all, and Gothamist has to give this guy his due for being upfront about it. And yes, single people expecting kids can date, but you'd have to be kidding yourself if you didn't think it was a possible dating dealbreaker.

Since Amy Sohn is married, Bridget Harrison is the only NY journalist whose dating escapades Gothamist can follow. Luckily, there are a ton of bloggers out there.

[Ed. note, Dec. 1, 2003:] After some confusion, Gothamist feels it's important to point out that Mick's hilarious comment below is an ode "through the looking glass" to Bridget Harrison's dates rather than an actual date with Bridget (if we have to explain what "through the looking glass" means one more time...). But it's still hilarious.