Earlier today the Bacon Brothers asked students at LaGuardia School of Music & Art: “Do You ‘Wanna Play Music?’” The event was for NAMM and their annual National Wanna Play Music Week. The non-profit draws attention to benefits brought on by musical instruments, and there was also a John Lennon Educational Bus on hand. Yoko Ono was scheduled to participate, performing for and with the kids, but since she clearly hates children she was a no-show.

Ono-less, the brothers spoke to the high schoolers about music and how they personally became involved, with Kevin mentioning he had been in a band called "Chet Brown & Footloose" before the very movie that made him famous. Who knew! You're hungry for more Bacon knowledge now aren't you? Here you go: He told us he's been walking around listening to the Hold Steady on his iPod, he was saddened to learn the old Manhattan outpost of the Knitting Factory was closing, and he claims his dream venue in New York is Terminal 5, of all places. But forget the big venues for now, maybe the Bacon Brothers can visit Mr. B's Staten Island kids next!