Should the man once known as "America's Oldest Teenager" still be hosting the big New Year's Eve ball drop? The NY Post questions Dick Clark for white-knuckling on to his Rockin’ New Year’s Eve special because, well, it's depressing :(

As the decade ends, viewers are probably filled with hope and optimism for the new year (albeit, alcohol-induced optimism) — only to be confronted with an 80-year-old wheelchair-bound stroke victim who, with each slurred word, makes us realize that if the man who seemed eternally youthful can get old... we're all screwed. But, really, if it were just Fergie and Ryan Seacrest would it make us feel any better?

A friend of Clark's told the paper, “Dick’s always been a workaholic... he’s been motivated to be busy, to be thinking, to be planning. The fact that he had the stroke certainly didn’t change his mind-set. Dick could absolutely participate in the show from his home in Malibu. But he wants to be right there in Times Square, so he’ll make the trip to New York, which is not easy for him.”

Clark, who avoids being photographed whenever possible in his wheelchair, says he looks forward to ringing in the new year in New York for his 37th time, adding, "I must admit the encouragement I’ve received from so many people inspires me because apparently my appearance serves as a good motivation for others who have suffered a stroke."