The animal cruelty allegations continue to fly as the Daily News has another update of "The Baby Lion the NY Post Abandoned." The Daily News reports that while the lion cub is doing better (though "Boomerang was heavily medicated and wrapped in blankets yesterday to simulate its mother's warmth."), various experts are angry at the Post (naturally) and Post reporter Al Guart for foolishly trying to purchase a lion cub online for an expose on animal cruelty.

- "It is the equivalent of setting up a meeting with an 11-year-old girl at the mall to show how easy it is to pick up children." - ASPCA's Stephen Zawistowski, an animal behavior expert.
- Jim Doherty, general curator at the Bronx Zoo - Guart and the Post were "playing right into the hands of the breeder."

The News also directs readers to "Save Boomerang" donation information, but we're surprised that the DN hasn't taken the opportunity to give the $10,000 to Noah's Lost Ark, in a grand gesture of "We're not cruel to animals the way the Post is."