Apple with parents Chris and Gwyn

It's natural that first-time parents have a lot on their mind, but most worry about their child's welfare. But Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, new parents to little Apple Blythe Allison Martin, born on Friday, really have Gothamist wondering if they've really thought through the implications of naming their child after a famous fruit AND computer brand. There's already a great spoof, but papers are wondering why why why Apple. Okay, fine, it's the tabloids, but, still, the tabloids speak for the public. The Telegraph suggests it could be because "Mr Martin's group have done well from downloads of songs from Apple's iTunes online music store" or "Miss Paltrow took cooking lessons in New York (the Big Apple) in preparation for married life" but maybe it's because they wanted to toughen Apple up, making her realize that people will probably hate her for being the kid of celebrities, so why not make her a punchline instead.

Some possible origins of why NYC is nicknamed the Big Apple. And the baby is a big Apple: She was 9 pounds, 11 ounces. Hello! Our favorite baby sites are, which points the way to all the cool baby news and gear around, and The Trixie Update, because the poopy diaper update makes us glad we're only responsible for our fake ficus tree.


Gothamist highly recommends that one and all read Alan Davidson's Oxford Companion to Food; not only is there an amazing 6-page entry on apples (who knew there was a variety called "Northern Spy," "for long the ne plus ultra of the cracker-barrel connoisseur and something of a legend for country people as well as urban gastronome"), but it's over 900 pages of mouthwatering food facts.