There are many firsts in a baby's life—first words, first steps, and, finally, first bikini. Yes, there is a company that is offering "Baby's First Bikini." According to Babikini, "What started out as gag gifts for a couple of business associates has turned into a thriving business. Everyone who saw the little bikini's wanted one and so the story goes." Plus, it's just the thing to go with baby's first high heels...and it's probably good practice before those padded bikinis for 7-year-olds.

One mother tells ABC News, "Horrifying." A store owner who sells the infant swim pieces explained, "It's really just for fun, it's a great photo op for parents too, something they can look back on." Note to parents who buy those babikinis: You're going to need a lot of SPF 60 to cover those chubby legs.